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The goal of chiropractic adjustments is to restore joint motion in areas of restriction. In doing so, we are able to reduce pain and inflammation in the area, as well as improve mobility. There are multiple ways to adjust the spine and other joints of the body as described below. No matter the technique used, adjustments will aid in getting the joint operating to it's fullest potential.


Manual Adjusting

A hands-on approach to improve joint function by mobilizing the spine using pressure and rotational movements. This method can be used on the joints of the spine as well as extremities for pain relief. Sometimes an audible "pop" is heard during the adjustment, which is simply a gas bubble in the joint space releasing. This is considered classic chiropractic adjusting.

Activator Method

A low force technique where the instrument is applied to areas of joint dysfunction to improve mobility. There is no rotation or "cracking" involved, which helps alleviate any anxiety around adjustments. The instrument is placed on the joint line between two vertebrae and delivers an impulse into the space to help restore joint motion. Since the instrument is electric, it can also be applied on tight muscles in a rapid fire pattern around the joints to reduce spasm. 

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